Reflection Post

Com210 was easily my favorite class of the semester. I loved the “work at your own pace” attitude the class took and working with each Adobe program was an absolute blast. I loved working with each program and I thought they were all really fun to use and learn. If I had to choose a … More Reflection Post

Video Project Storyboard and Raw Footage

Video Project Storyboard: How to Drive a Manual Visual Elements Audio Elements 0:00-0:05– Interior of truck showing dash, steering wheel, and stickshift Introduction of video 0:05-0:35- Shot of pedals Voiceover describing each pedal 0:35-0:40- ¬†Shot of stickshift Voiceover on how to change gears 0:40- 1:00- Interior of truck showing the engine stopping if I release … More Video Project Storyboard and Raw Footage

Audio Story Draft

IDEA AND INSPIRATION To get an idea for what I wanted to do with the audio story, I went back and looked at my previous projects just as I had done during the logo project. I saw my graphic design and the tagline I had used there about keeping calm and driving stick and I … More Audio Story Draft