Audio Story Draft


To get an idea for what I wanted to do with the audio story, I went back and looked at my previous projects just as I had done during the logo project. I saw my graphic design and the tagline I had used there about keeping calm and driving stick and I started to think about driving experiences I had.

I instantly remembered a time where I very nearly almost got in a nasty crash and I had to do some maneuvering to save myself. I decided that adding sound effects to a narration of this story could work as my audio story.


Using ambient noise I thought would help propel the narration I recorded. Sound effects can help put an audience into the environment of a story. I wanted to capture the environment that I was in when this event happened to me so using ambient noises of rain and traffic would help me accomplish this goal.

The first thing I did was record my narration of retelling the event. I’ll have to rerecord this for the final draft because I noticed while I was editing that my neighbors were playing their music very loudly.

Then, I found audio clips I could use of rain and traffic ambience. I downloaded them and put them into audition so I could use them whenever I wanted.


I recorded my own narration myself, all the other ambient noises I got were from

In Audition, the first thing I did was edit my narration. From there, I could build upon it with the other sound effects. The razor tool was definitely the most beneficial to me. In the ambient noises I found, there were certain parts of the recordings I wanted to use in different parts of my narration. The razor tool helped me move all the pieces to where I wanted them to be. Other than that, I just had to make sure that the volumes of each sound effect mixed well and nothing was overbearing.


Rain ambient noise

Traffic ambient noise

Both these sounds are used under a Creative Commons 0 license


6 thoughts on “Audio Story Draft

  1. Hi Jakob,

    Your story is really good. There are so many components that add to the story. The story is clear and is told very well. The pace of the story keeps the listener intrigued to know more. There are no unnecessary pauses or phrases. All of the pieces are relevant to the story. There are some areas for improvement. The background noises are great. They add a lot to the story but are kind of loud. Try making the background noises quieter so we can focus more on the story and less on the other noises. The ending is a bit abrupt. Try making the background noises fade out at the end after you are done talking. This will make the story end more fluidly. The story itself is really good. There are no real changes that need to be made with the story itself. By editing the whole piece a little, the story will sound great and be easy to listen to.


  2. I have to say that you noises that you used in the background of the audio story are perfect and complement the story that you are trying to tell very well. For the entire duration of the story, I was captivated and intrigued as to what would happen next. When you added the rain noises the story took a much deeper and more realistic turn, and I felt as though I was there watching the entire event take place in real-time. Overall, I believe the story has very few flaws and seems nearly perfect. The only constructive criticism I can add would to be more conclusive at the end of the story. Instead of adding “If I had panicked…” you would probably be better off ending the story right behind “keeping calm had saved me that day”. You’re off to an amazing start and I’m sure the final project will be even greater of a success!


  3. I think my story is pretty strong. The sound effects definitely seem to be a nice touch and they complement the narration really well. During my narration, I focused on slowing down to create a more dramatic pace, and I’m really glad that my peers noticed that. Some of the background noises are a little loud. I thought so when I uploaded the draft and will definitely try to soften them. I also need to work on my ending. It’s abrupt and I didn’t do as good of as a job as I wanted to fading those background noises out. I also do want to rerecord my narration because of my noisy neighbors. As much as this pains me to do because I have already edited everything together and will have to redo that; I realize it’s necessary. This might not be so bad because It’ll give me a chance to change the ending that I need to work on without having to edit so much.


  4. Hi Jakob,
    I really like your project and it’s a pretty good story to me. They are very clear and easy to understand. The pace of the story is good, too. It make me feel like I am actually in the car to drive with the terrible weather when I was listening your story. The background sounds is very good, such as the sounds of thunder and raining, it just so realistic to me. I don’t think there’s anythings you still need to work on. The only improvement is probably lower the sounds of background, then increase the sound of your talking. The sounds might overtake the talking. Another thing is there are little unnecessary pauses, you can just edit it later. Overall, your project is awesome.


  5. Hi Jacob! To start off, I really liked hearing you tell your story! It was super interesting and I liked how you let the tension build being that you were put in such a scary situation. The first thing I would recommend is that you work with the sound levels a bit. The ambient sound in the background is great, but it is a bit too loud and makes it hard to hear you telling your story. The second thing I recommend you adjust is some of the transitions with the ambient sound. I think if you edited it a bit more, it would definitely flow a bit better. You could also make the ambient sounds more joyful at the end since you avoided getting in a crash. Besides those adjustments, I love the way you told your story and the ambient sounds you chose really help to set the tone and mood for your audio story. Great job and I’m glad you’re safe!


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