Video Project Storyboard and Raw Footage

Video Project Storyboard: How to Drive a Manual

Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:05– Interior of truck showing dash, steering wheel, and stickshift Introduction of video
0:05-0:35- Shot of pedals Voiceover describing each pedal
0:35-0:40-  Shot of stickshift Voiceover on how to change gears
0:40- 1:00- Interior of truck showing the engine stopping if I release clutch in gear Voiceover explaining why the engine stopped and its importance in traffic
1:00- 1:15- Changing each gear on the stickshift Voiceover explaining each gear placement
1:15- 1:55- Alternating shots of me driving and the road from the interior of the truck. Voiceover explaining the process of driving

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