Video Project Rough Draft


I’ve had this idea since the beginning of the semester. I decided to do an instruction type video on the basics of driving a manual transmission.


My video emphasizes the visual shots of my voiceover. So I didn’t have a lot of room to do any crazy edits with my shots. It focuses more on camera movement backing up what I’m explaining.  I used B-roll of the road because I felt in that particular moment of me, there wasn’t a lot going on so it was an awkward shot of my legs not really doing anything.

That being said, I actually hate my rough draft. I had to get the footage during spring break and I made the mistake of shooting vertically in the beginning clips. I can’t fix this because I can’t go back home and reshoot. I also originally thought that the project was going to be 3-4 minutes instead of 1-2.

As a result, I’m left with footage that really isn’t compatible for a 1-2 minute project and the beginning is shot in a terrible vertical angle.


The excess footage I had caused me to have to edit out big chunks of my footage so I could basically get the bare minimum description I needed for each clip. I added tiny transition text slides to inform the audience I’m transitioning because I didn’t have enough time to use my actual footage to do so.

Most of the footage I had to shoot myself, which is why I didn’t think to shoot horizontally. I was distracted by having to use my other hand to go through the driving process.

The clips where I am driving were taken by my brother. I didn’t want to do anything dangerous while I was driving.

The mark in and mark out features in Premier Pro were my best friends. I used them to cut out unnecessary pauses and shorten my footage.

The biggest challenge I have is finding a way to fix the vertical clips. I could keep the audio, and then replace the footage with a slide of text. It would seem a lot like a PowerPoint slide, but I think it would be better than leaving the vertical shots. Also a benefit that could come from it is that it would help better explain all the information that I’m throwing at the audience. I would also be given more freedom with visual transitions so I could make it work.


Any footage that shows me driving was taken by my brother.


5 thoughts on “Video Project Rough Draft

  1. Hi Jakob! I think this is a really cool and useful video. Not a lot of people know how to drive stick shifts anymore and so I think it’s awesome that you are into it and have a passion for teaching others about it. I really like this video because you make it easy to understand how everything works. One suggestion I have is to try and shoot the beginning of the video horizontally. This way more of the screen is filled and its less awkward. Also, the camera gets a little shaky so you could try filming in shorter clips then editing them together, that way its more smooth. An additional suggestion is that you could have someone else filming your movements that way it is more clear as to what you are doing and then you don’t have the momentary blurry parts when you’re moving the camera around. Overall this is super cool and I think it will turn out really good!


  2. Hi Jakob!
    I love your video! Having grown up on a farm, most people assume I know how to drive a clutch. Sadly, this is not the case, but maybe your video will help me get started if I ever need to! You explained things very clearly and made it very simple to understand.
    My first suggestion would be to take out the background noises. The best way to do this would be to record yourself explaining how to do everything and then add it separately to the video. This will help clean it up a little bit and take it to the next level.
    Secondly, I would suggestion breaking your videos apart. When the shot goes really quickly from the gear shift to the pedals is really fast, so it makes it a little confusing. it may help to separate those shots and edit out where the camera is moving. This will really help your video!
    What I love most about your video are the different angles you chose to include. As an instructional video, this was probably really difficult, but the different angles of the gear shirt, the outside of the pickup and the shots while driving really added to your video. Great job and I can’t wait to see the finished product!


  3. Hi Jake, I think that the overall topic of this video is very beneficial to everyone. There are not a lot of people who know how to drive stick, it is something that is very important to know how to do. One thing that I would suggest for your video is maybe having the part at the beginning when you’re showing the clutch and the stick in two different video clips so that it’s not an awkward transition when you’re moving your camera back and forth. I think it would help the flow of the video as well. Something else I would suggest is that to remember that the clips are supposed to be filmed in a horizontal frame so they fit the screen well and that you can use the most of your footage. One strong aspect of this video is that example of killing the car when shifting wrong or trying to slow down. I think that was a good use of video time. One other minor suggestion would be to utilize more video transitions. Your video has many opportunities to use these transitions to also help the flow of your video draft.


  4. So I’m a little suck because I can’t reshoot any footage. This especially bothers me because there are two shots I used shooting vertically. I have to rely on improving my video with video transitions or implementing different visuals to use. Some things that I can do that were suggested by my peers were rerecording my narration to eliminate background noise and cut up my video clips. This could help me shorten down my video by removing unnecessary elements to the video. One of the strengths of my video seems to be that I describe things clearly. I’m hoping I can implement this more as an advantage and find a way to get rid of the vertical shots. My idea to do this is to add slides of text. If I do this and add interesting visual transitions, I can make my video look more professional despite it looking more like a PowerPoint presentation with those shots. Hopefully I can figure this out, because I feel like I have a disadvantage right now not having my truck with me and not being able to go home to reshoot.


  5. Hi Jakob, this was a very informational video to watch. I liked how you gave step by step instructions of how to keep the clutch in and when to shift gears. The video really reminded me of automotive YouTube videos to help users. One thing I would tweak would be the angled in which you filmed the beginning where the camera was vertical it did not fit the whole screen. But the narration was perfect and flowed nicely. Another thing I liked was the title shots where it gave the viewer’s ideas of what is coming next. Saying that it was unfortunate that there was no ending title page but that’s a simple fix. This video definitely goes hand in hand since your topic is mastering manual transmission. I feel you know what you need to fix based off of reading your own reflection. This was definitely a great start just make the small tweaks.


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