Reflection Post

Com210 was easily my favorite class of the semester. I loved the “work at your own pace” attitude the class took and working with each Adobe program was an absolute blast.

I loved working with each program and I thought they were all really fun to use and learn. If I had to choose a favorite, it’d be a tie between the Illustrator with the logo project and Premiere Pro with the video project. I just had a lot of fun video editing and it was something I always wanted to learn how to do. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the logo project though. It wasn’t as complicated as the Photoshop project and I felt like I could make anything I wanted once I learned how to use Illustrator. So many ideas for projects I could do in my free time popped in my head during the logo project. It’s definitely something I’d like to use when I have down time in my next 3 years at WSU.

I was really glad I learned how to edit video. It’s always been something I wanted to do and now that I know how to do it and have software that can do it, (at the library, but still accessible for me) I’m excited to start making videos in the future. I actually started working on one directly after the video project and hope to continue to do so.

A career I have in mind for the future is to go into sports journalism. I think skills learned in the Audition and Premiere Pro units would be very beneficial to me because I would have to sort out audio clips for news stories and if I went into the broadcast field of journalism, then knowing how to edit video is an essential.

There’s not really anything I went into this class hoping to learn. I didn’t know what to expect at the start of the semester and I am very satisfied with the skills that this course did cover.

I can’t think of any particular outside class-material sources that helped me. Anytime I had a problem with any of the Adobe programs, I simply did a google search on the particular problem I was having. I didn’t really consult to a specific source to help me.

Overall, this class was really fun for me and I loved it. The one suggestion I have would be to connect the computers in the dimensions lab in the library to the Z-storage drive that all the other lab computers were connected to. This is a minor thing, but it would remove the hassle of having to save everything to an external hard drive or uploading it to the cloud.


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