About Me

family-photoMy name is Jakob Thorington and I’m currently a student at Washington State. This year is my freshman year and I’m absolutely loving the school. I grew up in Puyallup Washington and went to Emerald Ridge high school. Although my family moved to Tacoma at the end of my senior year. So that’s where I call home when I’m not at school.

The purpose of this blog is is for me to have a place to publish all my multimedia content for my COM210 class at WSU.

I’m currently pursuing a degree in Communication at Washington State and hope to go into the field of journalism. The end goal for me is to become a big time sports journalist and travel the country writing about the biggest stories in NBA, NFL, or the MLB.

That being said, I am a sports fanatic. Sports are my favorite thing in the world. Before college, I had played baseball all my life and I’m a big fan of football and basketball. Music, movies and video games are my next biggest interests. Feel free to contact me if you ever have a burning desire to talk about sports, video games, movies, or music because I have plenty to say about those and I love talking about them.