Audio Project Raw Audio

1. Rain Ambient Noise Track This audio track is used with a Creative Commons 0 License. Track was retrieved from the User pulswelle on 2. Narration I plan to tell a narrative of a particular scary driving experience I once had. I plan on including different ambient noises and sound effects along with … More Audio Project Raw Audio

Logo Final Draft

IDEA AND INSPIRATION With my topic being about learning how to drive stick, I knew I wanted to make a logo that could represent that. For a while, I had trouble coming up with how I could do this. Then I went back and looked at my graphic design to see if I could come … More Logo Final Draft

Logo Rough Draft

IDEA AND INSPIRATION Given that my topic for the course is about driving a manual, I started this project knowing that my logo somehow had to represent that. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do when I first started but then I went and looked back at my graphic design from the previous … More Logo Rough Draft

Logo Sketch

My logo sketch represents an image of a manual transmission that I would make in Illustrator. This is a rough sketch, so these are not permanent colorsĀ andĀ the “N” in the middle may be changed.